It all starts with that magical moment, and those four beautiful words, “will you marry me?”  With every proposal, a bride is born, and the journey begins.  These days the journey begins with the proposal, followed by the immediate obsession with your newly bestowed bling!  

The engagement ring has been a wedding tradition for centuries.  Rings bestowed as a promise of marriage can be traced back to Roman times.  In most cases, after the official agreement of a woman’s hand in marriage, suitors would select a simple gold band to bestow upon the hand of their soon to be wife as a token of their promise to marry.  This age-old tradition still takes center stage during this magical moment of “the proposal”, but modern-day proposals include a diamond.  The first-time diamonds appeared on an engagement ring was in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy.  Diamonds have been the desired choice for proposals ever since.  Thank you, Archduke Maximilian!

The ring, or should I say “the bling” is where this magical journey from Miss to Mrs. begins.  With one simple reply of “yes” to that infamous question, a bride is born, and the love affair with your engagement ring.   Ring photos, bling photos, I said yes selfies, #howtheyasked, #shesaidyes, proposal photo shoots, all lead to this love affair with this left-hand bobble.  Oh, and let’s not forget the immediate frenzy to purchase jewelry cleaner!  This new piece of bling will accompany you throughout your journey and at some point, once you realize sleeping with your ring on makes for an uncomfortable swollen finger morning.  At this moment the quest for the perfect ring dish ensues.  


 Rose Quartz Ring Dish

 The Mrs. Collection is a collection of luxury gifts for the bride and specially curated for the journey from Miss to Mrs.  The “ring dish” is no exception.   It starts with the proposal, followed by the ring and then the ring dish!  Painstaking hours of surfing and jewelry shop visits, saving, budgeting and sacrifices all made for “the ring”.  The moment this amazing piece of jewelry hits your finger, you will want to ensure a proper, yet beautiful storage location during those rare occasions that your ring leaves your finger. Enter the ring dish, but not just any old ceramic or velvet ring box, we are talking, bespoke and hand made in Italy of course.

The Mrs.Collection is honored to collaborate with Pestelli of Florence Italy in the design and fabrication of our incredible bridal ring dish. Pestelli jewelers and goldsmith’s was founded in 1908, specializing in the production of jewelry and silverwares in the antique style.  II had the pleasure to work with Tommaso Pestelli, great-grandson and representative of the 4th generation in our recent creation of our one of a kind bridal ring dish.  Working with one of the finest goldsmith’s in Florence was truly a highlight to the curation of The Mrs. Collection.  


Love Bird Ring Dish

These beautiful hand carved rose quartz dishes sit atop a silver forged, footed stand adorned with love birds.   Three pairs of love birds adorn these magnificent footed stands adding the perfect sentiment of true love to our incredible ring dish.   Each dish is truly one of a kind and no two are the same.  Quantities are limited and require special special order.  Each dish is hand made by request for each individual bride.

Additional choices of quartz will be available in early 2022.  Currently we are featuring while supplies last, rose quartz in a subtle shade of bridal blush.

Shop the collection and discover our rose quartz ring dish.  A perfect gift for the bride to be, and her newly acquired bling ring!


Ring Dish Bridal Flat Lay

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