Was a family Heirloom passed down to you?

A family heirloom is a treasured item that's been passed down by a family member. Family heirlooms can be many generations old, passed from parent to child. It can be newer or something inherited from a parent or grandparent that will be passed along into the future. Family is the most important thing you can have in your life. 

Family heirlooms can be created at any time, and that means that you can start a new tradition.  The Mrs. Collection, was created to help brides create new traditions.  All of our products are meant to be family heirlooms. Items that were used at your wedding will someday be passed to your children and grandchildren, cherish and used on their wedding day.


Our story is a love story, an Italian love story. The Mrs. Clutch brand was created from a love letter and only family heirloom we have left written by my grandfather to my grandmother in 1919. You can read their full story HERE and how we were left with only one family heirloom after my grandmother's death. 

Were you given a family heirloom for your wedding day? If so, what was it? A piece of jewelry a crocheted hankey your great-grandma made, or will you be the family member to start the tradition of passing down a family heirloom to your children and their children? 

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