The Love Letter That Inspired The Brand

Our story is a love story, an Italian love story. The Mrs. Clutch brand was created from a love letter written from my grandfather to my grandmother in 1919. Their story is a tragic love story, but a love story nonetheless.

I am often asked what inspired me to start The Mrs. Clutch brand, and my answer is always three simple words, a love letter. More specifically a meticulously written 100 year old love letter penned with a classic quill tip pen and inkwell with penmanship that would inspire calligraphy artists of today. Domenic Caruso wrote these letters to Rosa Andreola every day while he was serving in the Italian Army.


He wrote letters of love and desire. He penned his deepest feelings and emotions, but mostly he wrote to ask this woman to wait for him. If she would wait for his return to their small village in the hills of southern Italy, he promised to marry her. Letter after letter a promise of marriage and a deep expression of his love for her.  He returned from his service and they did indeed marry.

After moving to America for a better life and the American dream, their story was cut short on a gloomy day in January of 1952, when an American Airlines airplane crashed on their home.  Judy Blume, famed author and local resident at the time would later write a historical fiction book "in the unlikely event " about the crash.

 My grandmother was home alone at the time of the crash, and ultimately died as a result of jet fuel burns to 90 percent of her body. My father’s childhood home burned to the ground.  The only item returned to the family, found amongst the rubble was my grandmother's handbag, and inside the bag was one of my grandfathers love letters.  She carried this letter with her everyday of her life, tucked away in her handbag.

Fast forward to 2019, while planning my elopement at  Palmetto Bluff I was looking for the perfect bridal clutch. It was an important bridal accessory to me. My intention of carrying a love letter from my soon to be husband in my handbag was a family tradition in honor of my grandmother, and I wanted to make the sure the handbag was worthy of the task.

When my search for the perfect handbag turned up empty, It was at that moment I decided to start my own bridal handbag line, and The Mrs. Clutch brand was born.


 On 09-19-19, a date selected to honor my grandparents love story, exactly one hundred years later, I walked down the Palmetto Bluff  dock on my elopement day holding The Mrs. Clutch prototype sample bag in my hand.

The Mrs. Clutch brand is a love story.   A story of love, family, tradition and heirlooms, discover your bridal heirloom, shop the collection and unwrap a new tradition.  

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