If you have ever wondered why handkerchiefs are associated with weddings, you are not alone.  When I decided to add a handkerchief to The Mrs. Collection, I decided to do a little research.  The wedding day handkerchief dates all the way back to Roman times seen as a status symbol, to modern day times, brides carry a handkerchief in anticipation of drying tears of joy on such a blissful day.

Early American use of the handkerchief was a common accessory amongst all women of the day.  Delicate in design and meticulously hand stitched these little treasures were carried by women of all social classes.  Tucked into their purse, but always on the ready to dab the anticipated tears of joy and tears of sorrow.  The handkerchief was considered a personal item, often monogrammed and embroidered with personalized designs representing the woman for whom it was curated.

Hand applied lace, embroidered hearts, hand stitched butterflies and a multitude of delicately sewn flowers would adorn these beautiful little pocket squares, known as the handkerchief.  Over the years the tradition of including a wedding handkerchief has stood the test of time.  Modern day brides have taken to this age-old tradition, by adding new twists to the handkerchief, dubbing it the “hanky”.   Tucked into their wedding day bouquet, the bridal “hanky” accompanies the bride down the aisle, ready to dab away those inevitable wedding day tears of joy.


 Bridal Hanky



Bridal Hanky


The Mrs. Collection introduced our modern day “hanky” in the fall of 2021.  A modern-day version of a timeless tradition, our handkerchief is hand made in Italy using the finest Italian cotton.  Adorned with our custom designed watercolor floral and butterfly motif and of course we added our wishes for “love and luck”, with our signature quatrefoil and added penned scrolling script calligraphy of love and luck.  These little tokens, filled with love and beauty are the perfect wedding day gift for the bride or mother of the bride!  Perfectly packaged in a bespoke handmade gift box and finished with a grosgrain bow, who can resist this little box of wedding day history and love.

Whether you plan to carry your family’s heirloom handkerchief or start a new tradition with The Mrs. Collection’s modern-day hanky, we know those tears of joy will be well tended to as long as you have your handkerchief by your side.


Bridal Handkerchief

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