The clutch handbag, typically designed without a shoulder strap or handle, this tiny fashion accessory became popular in the 1920’s, but the history of the clutch dates back much further in time.  According to historians, the clutch purse originated in the early 1300’s.  

Medievil Handbag

The clutch was designed to carry a women’s handkerchief and smelling salts.  Considered a symbol of wealth and status, many historical paintings featuring women, include this little fashion accessory of the day.   How else would we know they existed back then?  Thank you, to the artists for capturing every detail, including the clutch!

1940's Handbag Styles

During the World War II era, when rationing and the introduction of everything in smaller format, the clutch style handbag made a comeback.  Stylish women of the era could be seen with their clutch evening bag in lucite, brocade, satin and silk perfectly coordinated with their dress and shoes.  

1960 Matching Handbag

But it was the roaring twenties that made the clutch a star.  Flappers looking for smaller styled handbags, flocked to this mini styled accessory.  Small and sleek, with a touch of glamour.  The 1920’s brought the clutch on to center stage as the must have accessory of the day.   Sleek and sharp the clutch no longer needed to coordinate, but instead the clutch became an accent accessory in opposing and contrasting colors, as well as bold geometric patterns.

Flapper Handbag Fashion 1920

The 1930’s brought even more attention to the clutch when Hermès, the main leather bag designer of the time introduced the “finger purse”.  In the 1960’s the clutch was a symbol of youth and the perfect complement to the mini skirt.

Today, fashionable women and minimalistic millennials alike, cherish the clutch as the forever accessory.  Perfectly sized to carry just the essentials, the clutch has been dubbed the evening bag or wristlet.  

The wristlet is a clutch with a small addition of a hidden strap, just big enough to fit over your wrist.  Typically, the small design of the wristlet is the modern-day clutch.

Today glamour and style is still associated with carrying a clutch.    The Red Carpet is the perfect example of celebrities in their couture evening gowns with a statement clutch in their hand.  Why would your wedding day be any different than a red-carpet appearance?  

 Ceci Johnson and Jeremy Scott Amfar Gala

Your wedding day, the biggest fashion day in the life of most women, and men for that matter.  An epic day of walking the "white carpet", your fan club of family and friends as onlookers, personal paparazzi documenting every minute and let’s not forget the leading man at your side.

Gold. Bridal Clutch

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