5 Ways to Incorporate Family Heirlooms and Traditions into Your Wedding Day.

Undoubtedly weddings are filled with the people we love the most.  The bridal party is most likely some of your best friends and closest family members.   Brides will spend weeks deliberating over the final guest list and many sleepless nights organizing the seating chart!  And the dress … let’s not forget the hours of Pinterest and styling appointments fine tuning the dress and your final wedding day look.

While shopping for new bridal items is always exciting, and The Mrs. Clutch certainly offers an array of wedding day essentials and gifs for the bride.   The Mrs. Clutch encourages brides to look through their family keepsakes and incorporate these priceless treasures into their bridal styles as well.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas on how to add “something old” to your bridal style:


1.  Look through old photos to identify possibly jewels or headpiece that was worn by your grandmother or Mother that might still be in the family and ask to wear the piece on your special day.

Heirloom Bridal Ideas

2.  The Family China, what better celebration then a wedding to break out the Limoges China!  Talk to your wedding planner about setting the bridal party table using your family’s finest china.   

3.  Remember wedding day heirlooms are not just for the bride. The groom and his family’s keepsakes should also be considered.  Dad’s favorite cufflinks or a family pocket watch make for a perfect “something old” for the groom.

4.  Keepsakes come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes the simplest item can have the deepest meaning. Your bridal bouquet offers the perfect solution for tucking in or pining on a special item. A favorite charm or rosary beads, a favorite photograph or even a vintage handkerchief.  Talk to your floral designer about adding in a keepsake to your bouquet


Wedding Day Love Letter and Heirlooms



















5. Heirlooms are not necessarily tangible items. Sometimes it’s a family tradition that steals the show when you are creating your wedding day keepsake list.  My family’s tradition of writing a love letter to your spouse on your wedding day is one of my all-time favorite traditions.  The Mrs. Collection was born from this very special tradition.  Old letters stand the test of time, writing your wedding day love letter,  means that someday it might be the keepsake that your children ask to carry on their wedding day. 

Wedding Day Love Letter



















If you are looking for that perfect wedding day keepsake, or modern day heirloom,  you can shop The Mrs. Collection.  For an even more bespoke keepsake email us!  I'd love to work with you to design a special clutch that you will pass onto your daughter! 

Our bespoke program offers you the ability to create a one-of-a-kind handbag.  Email (hello@themrsclutch.com) with your ideas or questions, I would love to create something special for you.  Bespoke items can take up to 12 weeks to produce, so plan early !


 Love Letter to the Bride






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